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Utopia Roles are an innovative way to express yourself while making the world a better place. There are countless opportunities for you to apply your creativity, commitment and expertise. Your every effort, and we mean doing anything anywhere, will be rewarded.

Use Utopia and submit ideas

Beta Testing offers a unique opportunity for you to help us improve the product. Be among the first ones to use the new P2P technology that changes the world. As a Beta Tester you will subject Utopia to real world testing and share your experience.

Assist People to use Utopia

Guide others on how to use Utopia. Lead fellow users who are to the world of P2P technology using relevant forums/resources. This role will enable you to actively participate in the Utopia community and meet scores of like-minded people.

Simply promote Utopia

Spread the word about Utopia and act for the benefit of the community. Promote Utopia through web resources, design your own advertising campaign while we provide you needed support, use your imagination or follow our ready-made guide. Your options are unlimited and any achievements will be rewarded.

We use your contact details only for Beta Testing purposes, to be able to receive feedback from you, to give you an opportunity to participate in promotion programs and receive rewards during Beta Test.

After launch of the Utopia Production network downloads will be completely anonymous and will not require registration or activation.
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8-50 symbols, Passwords must contain at least one english character and one number

30-1000 symbols

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