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As visitors to this portal, you are presented with a unique opportunity to directly participate in the Utopia P2P Project's development. Utopia has been created specifically for you. Your participation is essential to improve project functionality and public awareness. Utopia is a new technology that will be launched in 2019, however you may test it, and whats most important is that you can even participate in its development and promotion, right now. There are countless ways in which you can contribute to the future of P2P technology that changes the world. Your every effort will be rewarded and only a limited number of participants will be accepted.

We know you will find your participation pleasurable and gratifying

Beta testers have the unique opportunity to directly impact the development of the Utopia P2P Project by improving its operation, expanding its usability and increasing its functionality, all while earning rewards and enjoying yourself!

Enthusiasts are welcome!

Your participation is subject to your understanding and support of our beliefs. Only those who share our views on freedom of the internet, communication privacy and web security are most welcome. Top participants of the Utopia Beta Program who have collected a certain amount of points will even be able to directly communicate with founders of the project.

We look forward to your expertise, skills and energy